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Date: February 21 & February 28, 2014

Time:  9:30am - 2:00pm
*must attend both 1/2 days in their entirety

Registered participants will receive details and location no later than one week prior to the workshop.

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7 Keys to Work-Life Balance

7 Keys to Work-Life Balance

Student. Leader. Team Member. Summer Intern. Job Candidate. Spouse/Partner. Friend. Entrepreneur. Just some of the many roles you may fill during your time at Wharton. Mix the time and commitments of these roles with a desire for exercise, sleep and downtime and it often adds up to overwhelm... too much to do, not enough time or energy to do it. “Work-Life Balance” is elusive.

The Wharton Leadership Development Workshop Series is excited to present a highly interactive and personalized program to help you design a more optimal mix of personal, professional and academic priorities. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the 7 Keys to work-life balance and define which Keys will support you personally. You will receive tools and resources to guide them in creating short-term change and in making long-term sustainable choices. You will leave the workshop with a workbook full of actions you can immediately implement into your work and life for greater personal satisfaction and professional effectiveness.

Workshop includes the following topics:

  • The Myth of Work-Life Balance
  • Key 1: Develop Priorities
  • Key 2: Create Boundaries
  • Key 3: Manage Your Day Efficiently
  • Key 4: Design Reasonable Expectations
  • Key 5: Reprioritize Your Values
  • Key 6: Navigate an Unbalanced Organizational Culture
  • Key 7: Engage in Self-Care
  • Putting it All Together, Making Choices and Maintaining Momentum

Benefits from participating in the workshop:

  • Greater awareness of the Barriers to Work-Life Balance and how they impact you
  • Increased confidence in your ability to change your behavior for greater personal satisfaction and professional effectives
  • Expanded tool kit with strategies you can use immediately for greater efficiency, enhanced self-care and more effective communication
  • A life-long process to consistenly evaluate your current work-life situation and know when and how to make adjustments; and when and how to manager a less-than-balanced situation.

This workshop was created and will be led by Julie Cohen, PCC. Julie is an executive coach (and a Wharton Leadership Coach) who has coached hundreds of clients who want greater satisfaction, success and meaning from their career, work and life.  

Julie Cohen, PCC 

Career and Personal Coach




Julie CohenJulie Cohen, PCC, is a Career and Personal Coach. She helps her clients clarify and achieve their professional and personal goals including greater career satisfaction, enhanced work-life balance, improved leadership capabilities and meaningful personal growth. Formerly an internal executive Coach at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young LLC, she was part of the design team responsible for developing and implementing a national coaching program. Julie also coaches on team development, effective communication, job transition and performance feedback results. She has a wide array of individual and organizational clients in the US, Europe and Asia.

Julie challenges people to think differently. She believes that coaching propels people forward while gaining deeper personal awareness. Her straightforward, direct approach combined with her creativity and sense of humor makes the coaching process both challenging and fun.

Julie has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in Counseling from Villanova University.