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Jessica Segal, Senior Associate Director

Mindy Davidoff, Program Delivery Manager

Stimulating research and practical application in the area of leadership and change.

Leadership Development Workshop Series

Wharton Leadership Development Workshops are a set of free active learning opportunities, focused on 1 to 3-day workshops that highlight alternative leadership education methodologies or specific topics. With a minimal time commitment and no cost, they are an ideal way to add to your leadership portfolio while at Wharton.

Coursematch is used to register for all workshops. The Coursematch link is now closed and will open in August 2014.

Here are the workshops that will be offered in the 2014-2015 academic year.

The Art of Woo
Learn the basic principles of influence and persuasion and use them to lead change, build effective partnerships and sell ideas. (Fall and Spring)

Your Work, Your Life...Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance
Understand the keys to work-life balance and gain tools and resources to support the creation of short-term change and making long-term sustainable choices. (Spring Only)

Managing Conflict with Power and Presence (Aikido)
Examine beliefs about conflict that hold you back, practice skills such as centering, listening, and managing emotions, and strengthen your ability to make more powerful choices using both body and mind. (Spring Only)

Leadership Navigation Challenge
An outdoor activity that uses an orienteering course as the medium to force participants to collaborate and compete with other teams. (Fall and Spring)

Gathering Intelligence through Conversation
Participants develop or enhance their conversation/dialogue skills in order to develop a better negotiation strategy, further improve their chances of a positive outcome during a negotiation, and learn to form a proper negotiation team that would be needed.

Leadership Presence (Pig Iron Theatre)
Examine theatrical creation as a metaphor for team building, innovation, creativity in the workplace and presence; build skills that will impact leadership in any chosen field. (Fall and Spring)

Leader as Storyteller - Connecting with Audiences Through the Power of Stories
Before there was spoken language, there were stories. Being a great storyteller also means being an astute listener, able to read an audience and speak directly to them, with confidence, charisma and depth of character. This workshop helps individuals develop their leadership skills through storytelling. (Fall Only)

Small Group Processes
Enhance your management skill and team performance by increasing your knowledge and skill about the dynamics that govern small group behavior. (2 sessions in the Fall and Spring)

Leadership Lessons from the U.S. Civil War Gettysburg Battle
Draw out enduring messages for decision making, strategy, and leadership while walking the battlefield of Gettysburg, the site of one of the great battles in America’s Civil War. Understand how the Federal and Confederate commanders, both high and low, faced their moments of decision. (Fall Only)

Self Awareness and Executive Focus Through Meditation
Discover how meditation can help leaders do more with less effort, build depth and presence build concentration and reduce stress. This workshop is for those experienced in meditation as well as novices. (Fall and Spring)