Leadership Ventures

Wharton Leadership Ventures (WLV) are learning experiences for Wharton School students. They are designed to bring participants into settings where they can learn from the experience of others whose leadership was on the line, and also from their own experience in confronting challenges and solving problems.

WLV provide a set of engaged, hands-on experiences for exploring and mastering the capabilities for effective individual and team leadership in business and beyond. They are intended to assist participants in improving their capacities to think strategically, communicate effectively, and act decisively. They are designed to foster forward thinking, a bias for action, risk awareness, and fast decisions. Many WLV activities, such as Leading in Whitewater and Team Dynamics and Sailing, are one day in length and are offered at no cost to Wharton undergraduates. Expeditions, such as the Peruvian Leadership Trek, are longer and are priced to cover lodging, guides, meals, and other fees.


WLV Advisory Board 

The WLV Undergraduate Advisory Board, a group of committed students who coordinate each venture, meets weekly throughout the year. Applications for board membership are accepted in spring semester. View pictures of past WLV boards here.

Dates and registration procedures for all WLV events are announced through The Wharton Exchange electronic newsletter and through email. For more information, contact Dr. Chris Maxwell, faculty advisor, at maxwellc@wharton.upenn.edu.